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PSF LPCB Security Doorsets

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Our Hercules SAF range of LPCB Security Rated doors are available as single or double sets and can be either single skin or insulated offering a double skin construction.

Doors can be fitted into steel and GRP enclosures or brick built buildings and portal steel constructions. Multiple lock options are available, from single point to multipoint, push pad escape and pad-lockable, including the revolutionary pad lockable with internal override meaning no risk to personnel being locked into a building.



  • Tested to LPS 1175 issue 6 and 7
  • LPCB Security Rated Level 2
  • LPCB Security Rated Level 3
  • LPCB Security Rated Level 4
  • Doors are Pre-mounted in a Robust Steel Frame
  • Multiple Lock Choices
  • Hold Open Stays or Automatic Door Closers
  • Largest door will fit a structural opening of 2.85 W x 2.92 H